Workshop : “The Ukrainian Experiment: State-Building in Practice (1917–1922)”, 11-12 décembre 2017, Paris

The Ukrainian Experiment: State-Building in Practices (1917–1922), 11-12 décembre 2017, Institut historique allemand

Workshop of LaBex-EHNE Paris (axe 5), the GHI in Paris and the IKK Jena, organized by Jochen Böhler (LabEx, Sorbonne University Paris/Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena), François-Xavier Nérard (LabEx, Sorbonne University Paris) and Stefan Martens (German Historical Institute in Paris).

11.12.17 (18:00-21:00) Keynote

18:00-18:45 Mikhail Minakov (Frankfurt on the Oder/Kiev):

Keanote ‘Modernizing Ukraine: Revolutions and Distopias in the 20th Century’

Revolution is the event of launching new beginnings in the public sphere, and thus modernity is being constructed through revolution. In the 20th century, Ukraine has gone through a series of revolutions: in 1917/22, 1932/39, 1945/49, 1953/56, 1989/91; however instead leading to modernization, they had – after shortlived progresses – the reverse effect. In my lecture I will review the logic of socio-political experimentation in 20th century Ukraine and the revolutionary practices in Eastern Europe.

18:45-19:30 Discussion

19:30-21:00 Reception

12.12.17 (09:30-18:00) Workshop ‘The Ukrainian Experiment: State-Building in Practice (1917-22)’

09:30–10:00 Welcome / Introduction (Jochen Böhler, Jena/Paris, François Xavier Nerard, Paris)

10:00–11:00 Panel 1: The Look ‘from Above’ and ‘from Below’ (Chair: Mikhail Minnakov, Frankfurt on the Oder/Kiev)

  • Iryna Vushko (New York): Ukrainian Nationalism and State Building
  • Dimitri Tolkatsch (Freiburg): The Ukrainian Peasants and State Building
  • Discussion

11:00–11:30 Coffee/tea break

11:30–12:30 Panel 2: ‘The Left’ (Chair: François Xavier Nerard, Paris)

  • Serhiy Hirik (Kiev): The Borotbists and Ukrainian State Building
  • Eric Aunoble (Geneva): Constructing a Revolutionary State. The Example of Soviet Ukraine in Early 1919
  • Discussion

12:30–14:00 Lunch break

14:00–15:00 Panel 3: Violence (Chair: Jochen Böhler, Jena/Paris)

  • Stephen Velychenko (Toronto): “You Can Get a Lot Further with a Kind Word and a Gun than with just a Kind Word.” Violence, Propaganda, and State-Building in Revolutionary Ukraine
  • Thomas Chopard (London): Anti-Jewish Violence in the State-Building of the Directory (Ideology and Practices)
  • Discussion

15:00–16:00 Panel 4: Failed Concepts (Chair: Corine Defrance, Paris)

  • Jakob Mischke (Vienna): Scientific state-building: Stanislav Dnistrjanskyj’s concepts for an Ukrainian state in Eastern Galicia
  • Immo Rebitschek (Gießen): Pavel Skoropadskyi’s Failed Efforts of Ukrainian State Building
  • Discussion

16:30-17:00 Coffee/tea break

17:00-18:00 General Plenary Discussion

18:00 End of Workshop

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