Annonce et appel à soumissions – Prix, le meilleur article sur la guerre et la paix, Interuniversity Centre for Peace Studies (CISP, Centro Interateneo di Studi per la Pace)

Article 1—Announcement
The Interuniversity Centre for Peace Studies (CISP, Centro Interateneo di Studi per la Pace)
announces an award for the best scholarly article on topics of interest for the Centre.

Article 2—Purpose and aims
CISP was founded in 2001 by the University of Turin, the University of Eastern Piedmont, and the
Polytechnic of Turin. Its aim is to promote, coordinate and carry out studies and research on issues
of peace, war, and the processes of control and reduction of armaments and related technologies.
The Centre is open to a variety of different political, religious and cultural perspectives
The organisation’s award has the aim of contributing to the development and dissemination of
critical thinking on these topics, enhancing the intellectual resources involved in peace-related
studies, such as the prevention and the non-violent resolution of conflicts.

Article 3—Terms and conditions of participation
All Italian and foreign applicants must be under 35 at the time the award is announced. The
competition is open to work from any discipline and any methodological approach. The articles
must be unpublished, and not exceed 60,000 characters (including spaces). They can be written in
Italian, French or English.
Material must be submitted by January 31, 2014. It must be e-mailed as a pdf file to all the
following addresses:;;

Article 4—Awards and Evaluation
The two best articles will each receive a prize of € 500. The winners will be announced on the
website of CISP – – by September 30, 2014. The award will take place in
December 2014, at the annual meeting of CISP.
The assessing board is composed of the Scientific Committee of CISP, with the assistance of
external experts. CISP reserves the right to publish the submitted material as it deems most

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